Communicative approaches to politics and ethics in Europe.
The intellectual work of the 2009 European media and communication doctoral summer school.

Nico Carpentier, Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Richard Kilborn, Tobias Olsson, Hannu Nieminen, Ebba Sundin and Kaarle Nordenstreng (eds.)

The Researching and Teaching Communication Book Series

The Summer School

Introduction: The intellectual work of the 2009 ECREA European media and communication doctoral Summer School in Tartu - Nico Carpentier
The ECREA Summer School survey. Results and reflections - Benjamin De Cleen, Ińaki Garcia-Blanco and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt


Changing communicational spaces and systems

Media in crisis? Social, economic and epistemic dimensions - Hannu Nieminen
Political discourse cultures in Europe: Explaining the multi-segmentation of the European public sphere through a transnational and transcultural perspective - Andreas Hepp, Johanna Möller, Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw, Michael Brüggemann and Swantje Lingenberg
Digital cultural heritage - Challenging museums, archives and users - Agnes Aljas and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt
'It's a business, that's just how it is …': Documentary development in Great Britain and Germany - Anna Zoellner
British military media strategies: New wars - new ways - Rikke Bjerg Jensen

Audience participation and politics

Organized producers of net culture: Theoretical approach and empirical illustrations - Tobias Olsson and Anders Svensson
The freedom of the press belongs to those who control the press: The emergence of radical and community printshops in 1970s London - Jess Baines
Collective action and the social web: Comparing the architecture of and - Anastasia Kavada
New media - new public spheres? An analysis of online shared spaces becoming public agoras - Maria Francesca Murru

Identity politics, ideology and media

Cultural identity in local, national and global perspectives. Reflections on variables - Ebba Sundin
Translocal connectivity and political identity: Brighton queer cultural activism - Aristea Fotopoulou
'Posing into being': an exploratory study of Taiwanese girls self-portraiture online - Yin-han Wang
Constructing alternative nationhood: Television of Soviet Estonia against Finnish capitalism - Indrek Treufeldt
Articulation of ideology and romance. Storyline dynamics in Czechoslovak communist television serials 1975-1989 - Irena Reifova, Petr Bednarík and Simon Dominik
Analysing Kemalism through discourse theory - Nur Betul Celik

Media and ethics

Journalism ethics in the age of para-journalism - François Heinderyckx
The strange case of Silvio Berlusconi and the role of lying in political discourse - Fausto Colombo
Two sides of the same coin: Religious overtones of factual discourse on photojournalism ethics - Ilija Tomanic Trivundza
The human rights influence on communication sciences: An overview - Manuel Parés I Maicas

The politics of Academia

Diversity and convergence in communication science: The idea of 'National Schools' in the European area - Denis McQuail
Communication and media studies: The French tradition(s). Keys concepts and key schools - Bertrand Cabedoche
Oscillations between coherence and fragmentation, and between globalisation, glocalisation and translocalisation: The Europeanisation of the Communication and Media Studies discipline - Nico Carpentier

The Summer School student abstracts

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