An Introduction to Respublika! Experiments in the Performance of Participation and Democracy
Nico Carpentier

Part I: Participations

Introduction to Participations
Nico Carpentier

Community Media as Rhizome
Nico Carpentier

The Art of Community Media Organisations
Nico Carpentier

Shaking the Airwaves: Participatory Radio Practices
Helen Hahmann

Briony Campbell and the Life:Moving participants and project team

Life:Moving - The Six Participants
Briony Campbell and the Life:Moving participants and project team

Interview with Michele Aaron

Meet Y/Our Wall
Old Nicosia Revealed

Interview with Natalie Hami (Old Nicosia Revealed)

Community Art - A Neo-liberal Solution for the Deconstruction of Welfare State?
Pascal Gielen

Poetry Route River Flows
Wilfred Apiung Akan, Leonoor Akkermans, Eleanor Anabire, Loes ten Anscher, Kate Opoku Boateng, Jacomien den Boer, Mary Chulu, Desta Dekebo, Aliyi Abdulah Deressa, Assefa Addis Habtamu, Nayel Sayed Hasibullah, Mohamed Jalloh, Juliana Alphonce Kabaitilaki, Lufumu Fikiri katiko, Jonas Samuel Laryea, Susan Kosgei Lebuluz, Elizabeth Mutumi Mailu, Alick Sylvester Mbewe, Adélphine Muhirwa, Emerence Mukangabo, Mwale Ernest Mupemo, Kojo Tawiah Baah Nuakoh, Jeroen Rijke, Ali Makame Said, Brinah Mandisa Senzere, Samuel Smith, Yewbdar Tadesse, Sulemana Wahab, Loes Witteveen, Simon Satunmia Yambor

River Flows - An Artistic Approach Towards Community Resilience, Participation and Social Learning in Natural Resources Management
Loes Witteveen and Jacomien den Boer

Interview with Loes Witteveen

The Party of the Housing Dream
Peter Snowdon and the Groupe ALARM

Introductions to the Screening of The Party of the Housing Dream
Peter Snowdon, Aurélia Van Gucht and Abdo Naji

Street Magazines as Communicative Spaces of Inclusion and Solidarity
Vaia Doudaki

Part II: Reflections about Democracy and the Political

Introduction to Reflections about Politics and Democracy
Nico Carpentier

Revalidating Participation: Power and Pre-Figurative Politics within contemporary Left-wing Movements
Bart Cammaerts

Artists, Cultural Producers and Activists: Integrations and Articulations of Struggles
Nicos Trimikliniotis

Mirror Palace of Democracy
Nico Carpentier

The Five Ideologies of the Mirror Palace of Democracy
Nico Carpentier

Its Good to Know

Interview with Didem Eroglu and Orestis Tringides (Join2Media)

Communities and Memories of Struggles: What is Left of the Occupy the Buffer Zone (OBZ) Movement?
Nicos Trimikliniotis

George Kyrou

Interview with George Kyrou

Emilia Izquierdo

Interview with Emilia Izquierdo

Speaking the Unspoken: Challenging Hegemonic Discourses
Hazal Yolga

Part III: Interactions

Introduction to Interactions
Nico Carpentier

wolFMoon howling
Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman

Its in My Nature
Brane Zorman

wolFMoon howling: Live Performance Instructions / Guidelines
Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman

Interview with Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman (CONA Institute)

What Is It About?!
Elena Volina and Mathieu Devavry

Interview with Elena Volina

Social Sculpture Performance/Workshop Unfolding-Unwrapped
Johannes Gerard

Interview with Johannes Gerard

All Sources Are Broken
Labor Neunzehn

Interview with Alessandro Massobrio and Valentina Besegher (Labor Neunzehn)

Open Mic - A Community Radio Experiment

Interview with Hazal Yolga and Orestis Tringides (MYCYradio)

Community Spectradio
Yiannis Christidis, Markos Souropetsis and Co

Interview with Yiannis Christidis

Part IV: Reflections about Identity, Community, Technology and Nature

Introduction to Reflections about Identity, Community, Technology and Nature
Nico Carpentier

Just a Short Article About the That Was a Community
Vuk Cosic

... An Archeology of Silence in the Digital Age  An Artist Talk
Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud

Tools for the Next Revolution workshop
Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud

You Belong Here
Liza Philosof

Interview with Liza Philosof

Nance Davies

Interview with Nance Davies

Architecture of a Spectral City
Will Kendrick

Interview with Will Kendrick


Respublika! is Political. Why Participatory Art and Art on Participation Matters. A Political Analysis
Olga Yegorova


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