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Joint Writing Seminar

The concept:

The Joint Writing Seminar is a seminar at Charles University where each participant produces an academic 8000-word article, that is co-authored with course leader Nico Carpentier, on a topic that is aligned with the fields of interest and expertise of both authors. The seminar follows a two stage-writing process.

The outcomes:

HÁJEK, ROMAN, CARPENTIER, NICO (2015) Alternative Mainstream Media in the Czech Republic. Beyond the Dichotomy of Alternative and Mainstream Media, Continuum, 29(3): 365-382,
KUBÍKOVÁ, VLAKA, CARPENTIER, NICO (2016) Re-Evaluating the Political Press. A Case Study on Political, Economic and Journalistic Functioning of the Inter-War Czechoslovak Party-press Newspaper Národní listy, and its Publishing Company the Prague Stock Printery (PAT), Observatorio (OBS*), 10(2): 1-29,
BATISTOVÁ, ANNA, CARPENTIER, NICO (2018) Constructing the Czech nation. A discursive-theoretical analysis of the articulation of the nation in the cultural magazines produced by Czech WWII London exiles, Journal of Language and Politics, 17(6): 713-743,
HROCH, MILOŠ, CARPENTIER, NICO (2021) Beyond the Meaning of Zines: A Case Study of the Role of Materiality in four Prague-based Zine Assemblages, Communication, Culture & Critique, 14(2): 252-273,
FILIMONOV, KIRILL, CARPENTIER, NICO (2021) Beyond the state as the cold monster: the importance of Russian alternative media in reconfiguring the hegemonic state discourse, Critical Discourse Studies, online first,
HROCH, MILOŠ, CARPENTIER, NICO (2021) Scissors, glue and other machines: The materiality of the Prague zine scene in the post-digital era, Tecmerin: Journal of Audiovisual Essays, 8,

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