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Fernando Molina's film "Nico Carpentier: Arte e Ciência da Paz" (2019)


Experiments in the performance of participation and democracy (2019)
Current Perspectives on Communication and Media Research (2018)


Communication and Discourse Theory
Collected Works of the Brussels Discourse Theory Group


The Discursive-Material Knot
Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media Participation (2017)

Cyprus and its Conflicts.
Representations, Materialities, and Cultures (2018)


Media e Participação (2017)

Critical Perspectives on Media, Power and Change (2018)


Selection of OPEN ACCESS publications

Media and Participation: A site of ideological-democratic struggle, by Nico Carpentier (2011) (now full open access) Beyond the Ladder of Participation: An Analytical Toolkit for the Critical Analysis of Participatory Media Processes, by Nico Carpentier (2016), Javnost - The Public, 23(1): 70-88. Différencier accès, interaction et participation, by Nico Carpentier (2016), in Pierre Morelli, Nathalie Pignard-Cheynel and Didier Baltazart (eds.) Publics et TIC: Confrontations conceptuelles et recherches empiriques, Questions de communication, Série actes 31. Nancy: PUN, pp. 45-69.
Experiments in the Performance of Participation and Democracy (2019)

Introduction: A multidisciplinary and multiperspectival approach on conflict, by Vaia Doudaki and Nico Carpentier (2018), in Vaia Doudaki and Nico Carpentier (eds.) Cyprus and Its Conflicts: Representations, Materialities and Cultures. New York: Berghahn, pp. 1-21.
Current Perspectives on Communication and Media Research (2018)
Introduction to The Discursive-Material Knot: Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media Participation, by Nico Carpentier (2017)
An Introduction to Power, Multidirectionality and Contingency, by Nico Carpentier and Vaia Doudaki (2018) Comunicazioni sociali, 1: 3-8

De-Naturalizing Antagonistic Nationalism Through an Academic Intervention: The Reception of Two Photography Exhibitions on the Memorialization of the Cyprus Problem, by Nico Carpentier, Vaia Doudaki, Yiannis Christidis and Fatma Nazli Köksal (2018) Comunicazioni sociali, 1: 50-67
Participatory Contact Zones and Conflict Transformation: The Participatory Intensities of the Cyprus Friendship Program, by Derya Yüksek and Nico Carpentier (2018), in Conjunctions. Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation, 5(1): 1-21
Foreword - The Era of the Both, by Nico Carpentier (2018), in Francisco Sierra Caballero and Tommaso Gravante (eds.) Networks, Movements and Technopolitics in Latin America. Critical Analysis and Current Challenges, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. v-xii
Mapping Community Media Organisations: A Methodological Reflection, by Christiana Voniati, Vaia Doudaki and Nico Carpentier (2018), Journal of Alternative and Community Media, 3(1): 17-32

"Participation is a corrective of imbalances in power relations": An interview with Nico Carpentier, by Koffi Robert Badou, Vania Baldi, Nico Carpentier, in ESSACHESS - Journal for Communication Studies, 11(1-21): 5-25.
Diversifying the Other: Antagonism, agonism and the multiplicity of articulations of self and other, by Nico Carpentier, in Laura Peja, et al. (eds.) Current Perspectives on Communication and Media Research, Bremen: edition lumière, pp. 145-162.
Étirer les frontières des études sur les communications et les médias, An interview with Nico Carpentier, by David Grondin, in Communiquer, 23: 137-154.
Stretching the Frontiers of Communication and Media Studies, An interview with Nico Carpentier, by David Grondin, in Communiquer, 23: 155-170.

Outside the Comfort Zone: Participation and Advertising, in Ana Duarte Melo and Marcela Duque (eds.) ParticipAD: Participatory Advertising: a global perspective with a Latin American focus / Publicidad Participativa: Una perspectiva global con un enfoque latinoamericano. Braga: CECS, pp. 13-34.
Além da escada da participação: Ferramentas analíticas para a análise crítica dos processos midiáticos participativos, Mídia e Cotidiano, Revista do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Mídia e Cotidiano, 12(3): 245-274.