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A Cypriot community media arts festival

A Visit to the Mirror Palace of Democracy
Installation at the R! Participation Matters Exhibition

A Visual Report on the R! Participation Matters Exhibition
NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, Cyprus, 8 December 2017 to 19 January 2018

Seminar on Community Media, Community Art Production & Democratic Knowledge (full video)

Seminar: Participation, Active Citizenship & Community Media (full video)


The Discursive-Material Knot
Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media Participation (2017)

Cyprus and its Conflicts.
Representations, Materialities, and Cultures (2018)


Media e Participação (2017)

Critical Perspectives on Media, Power and Change (2018)

OPEN ACCESS from 2016, 2017 and 2018

Media and Participation: A site of ideological-democratic struggle (2011) (now full open access) Beyond the Ladder of Participation: An Analytical Toolkit for the Critical Analysis of Participatory Media Processes, by Nico Carpentier (2016), Javnost - The Public, 23(1): 70-88. Différencier accès, interaction et participation, by Nico Carpentier (2016), in Pierre Morelli, Nathalie Pignard-Cheynel and Didier Baltazart (eds.) Publics et TIC: Confrontations conceptuelles et recherches empiriques, Questions de communication, Série actes 31. Nancy: PUN, pp. 45-69.
Present Scenarios of Media Production and Engagement (2017)
Introduction: A multidisciplinary and multiperspectival approach on conflict, by Vaia Doudaki and Nico Carpentier (2018), in Vaia Doudaki and Nico Carpentier (eds.) Cyprus and Its Conflicts: Representations, Materialities and Cultures. New York: Berghahn, pp. 1-21.

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