More to see and read about the Discursive-Material Knot

The introduction of the book ("The introduction of a tryptich") [PDF]

A synopsis of platform 3 of the DMK, focussing on the Cyprus Community Media Centre case study [PDF]
A review essay entitled "Conflict Transformation and Cyprus: Does Community Media Help?", written by Hazal Yolga and Orestis Tringides [PDF]
The CCMC leaflet about the DMK [PDF]

A selection of photographs from the DMK
Pictures of the Limassol DMK Seminar on Community Media and Participation - 19 June 2017
Pictures of the Nicosia DMK Seminar on Community Media and Peace-building - 21 June 2017
The pictures of the Wednesday 21 June Cross the Tracks at SimFM broadcast

Pictures of the Nicosia DMK Lunch Launch at the H4C - 23 June 2017

Overviews of the events
The CCMC website on the DMK, including the information about the seminars and events during the week of 19 June 2017
The CCMC June news letter, describing the June seminars and events [PDF]