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"A Visit to the Mirror Palace of Democracy" (short film)

By Nico Carpentier
"A Visit to the Mirror Palace of Democracy" is a walk-through of the Mirror Palace of Democracy Installation at the Respublika! Participation Matters Exhibition, NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol Cyprus (December 2017/January 2018). A film by Nico Carpentier. Voice-over by Nico Carpentier. Actors: Emil Brulin, Vaia Doudaki, Åsa Forsblad Morisse, Gary Gumpert and Annika Waern. Production assistant: Siddharth Chadha. Construction: Stravos Anastasiou. Overall support: NeMe. Funding: Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, Cypriot Community Media Research Programme of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Department of Informatics and Media of Uppsala University. Support: Cyprus Community media centre, Medochemie, Sheila Pinkel and Uppsala Stadsteater.
Click here for the Respublika! webpage on Mirror Palace of Democracy.

"A Visual Report on the R! Participation Matters Exhibition" (short film)

By Nico Carpentier
The film documents the 14 art projects of the Respublika! Participation Matters Exhibition, which ran from 8 December 2017 until 19 January 2018, at the NeMe Arts Centre in Limassol, Cyprus, and was curated by Nico Carpentier. Film by Nico Carpentier, and photography by the artists of PM, Nico Carpentier, Olga Yegorova, Orestis Tringides and Vuk osi. For R! credits, see
Click here for the Respublika! website.

"Audionces" (sound piece)

By Yiannis Christidis and Nico Carpentier
The starting point of this translation experiment is a 2014 book chapter, entitled The democratic (media) revolution: a parallel genealogy of political and media participation, authored by Nico Carpentier, Peter Dahlgren and Francesca Pasquali. The main aims of this translation are 1) to experiment with alternative (non-textual) ways of communicating academic knowledge, and 2) to gain a better understanding of the opportunities that a sonification process offers to both genres. The chapter's reference is: Carpentier, Nico, Dahlgren, Peter, Pasquali, Francesca (2014) “The democratic (media) revolution: A parallel history of political and media participation”, in Nico Carpentier, Kim Schrøder and Lawrie Hallett (eds.) Audience transformations. Shifting audience positions in late modernity. London: Routledge, pp. 123-141.
Click here for the book chapter "Translating an Academic Text into Sound Art. An Experiment with a Communication Studies’ Text on Participation", by Yiannis Christidis and Nico Carpentier, that reports on this translation experiment.

"Rescuing Participation" (visual essay)

By the Visual Sociology Study Group
"Rescuing Participation" is a visual essay that is based on the chapter "Participation, access and interaction: changing perspectives" of the book "New Media Worlds" (OUP, edited by Virginia Nightingale and Tim Dwyer). In this essay, the Visual Sociology Study group features Jeff, who takes us through the different stages of an analytical model on access, interaction and participation. In his search for the differences in meaning between those three concepts, Jeff's main objective is to flesh out the distinctness of participation, attempting to rescue it from semantic reductionism or even discursive replacement. Jeff (and the essay) argues that through the strengthened articulation of participation with power, we can provide participation with an analytical surplus-value. In doing so, we can avoid that a fundamental division in society - the division between the ‘control-haves’ and ‘control-have-nots’ - becomes normalised ever further.
Click here for the text of the essay.

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