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"Rescuing Participation" visual essay

The visual essay "Rescuing Participation", produced by the Visual Sociology Study Group
"Rescuing Participation" is a visual essay that is based on the chapter "Participation, access and interaction: changing perspectives" of the book "New Media Worlds" (OUP, edited by Virginia Nightingale and Tim Dwyer). In this essay, the Visual Sociology Study group features Jeff, who takes us through the different stages of an analytical model on access, interaction and participation. In his search for the differences in meaning between those three concepts, Jeff's main objective is to flesh out the distinctness of participation, attempting to rescue it from semantic reductionism or even discursive replacement. Jeff (and the essay) argues that through the strengthened articulation of participation with power, we can provide participation with an analytical surplus-value. In doing so, we can avoid that a fundamental division in society - the division between the ‘control-haves’ and ‘control-have-nots’ - becomes normalised ever further.
Click here for the text of the essay.

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