Understanding Alternative Media

Bailey, Olga, Cammaerts Bart, Carpentier, Nico

Table of contents

Understanding Alternative Media
Bailey, Olga, Cammaerts Bart, Carpentier, Nico
Published by Open University Press
December 2007 192pp
978-0-335-22210-0 Paperback
978-0-335-22211-7 Hardback

The book can be ordered at http://www.mcgraw-hill.co.uk/print/0335222102.html
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About the book:

This clear and concise text offers a one-stop guide through the complex political, social and economic debates that surround alternative media and provides a fresh and insightful look at the renewed importance of this form of communication. Combing diverse case studies from countries including the UK, North America and Brazil, the authors propose an original theoretical framework to help understand the subject. Looking at both ‘old’ and ‘new’ media, the book argues for the importance of an alternative media and suggests a political agenda as a way of broadening its scope. Understanding Alternative Media is valuable reading for students in media, journalism and communications studies, researchers, academics, and journalists.


  • Introduction
  • Part I – Theorizing alternative media
    • Four approaches to alternative media
    • An introductory case study – Radio Favela: Representing alternative media
  • Part II – The case studies
    • Community approaches in Western radio policies
    • Diasporas and alternative media practices
    • Blogs in the second Iraqi war: Alternative media challenging the mainstream?
    • Ethnic-religious groups and alternative journalism
    • Online participation and the Public Sphere: Civil society mailinglists and forums
    • The Brazilian Landless Rural Workers Movement : Identity, action, and communication
    • Translocalization, glocalization and the internet: The RadioSwap-project
    • Jamming the political: reverse-engineering, hacking the dominant codes
  • Conclusion

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